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In recent years Rose has had more & more families reach out to her looking for help, seeking clarity, and trying to find the glimmer of light in their most darkest of days.  Receiving a “hit” as to whether the person is still alive or not, what does the environment look like around them, and what or whom caused this? These are just a few examples of what Rose asks the missing and/or deceased loved one.

In this class Rose will cover an unsolved case each month, and bring to you what public information is known.  From there you will learn how to tap in energetically and begin the process of remote viewing. You will be guided by Rose as you safely connect to the person and the crime.  You will be challenged to keep an open heart and not allow your mind to assume what occurred based on information given.

Due to the incredibly heavy topics Rose will cover in this class, all students must be at least 18 years of age to attend.

If you are a family of a missing loved one or unsolved case, please contact Rose directly:

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